Thank You

Thank You

Sunday 1st June was an emotional and truly memorable day for me. It felt like a formal farewell to my role at Epiphany House and for the Trust, but it was more than that. It was an occasion to remember (mostly good times but some challenging and difficult times!); it was an occasion to give thanks to God for this remarkable place and the work it enables (and indeed does with its very presence). It was an occasion when I was thanked – which was lovely – it is always good to know that what you have done has been appreciated. However, I must turn these thanks to God for calling me to this special place. If you were present at the service you will have heard me tell how I came to apply for the job 9 years ago, and how strong the call was to come. I have been sustained through the whole time by that calling, through prayer, and faith. Somehow, I found energy and determination to push through even the challenging times but the rewards have been great. It is sometimes tricky to discern when to move on, but again here God helped me, calling me into ordained ministry and then right at the end of working life into parish life. It has not been easy to say farewell to something that I have put my heart and soul into, but the time was right to finish that chapter and allow the new one to open up. I have such confidence in Jane and the team to write this next chapter and my prayers will be with them. It seemed fitting that my final official duty was to cut the ribbon with Leslie (the former Chair of Trustees) to ‘open’ the new extension which I hope has secured the future of the House so that the next chapter can be written.

Now to the thankyous…..

A huge thank you ……

To Jane , my support through my whole time at Epiphany, and a good and valued friend,

for the wonderful staff team (both past and present) without whom we couldn’t function,

to the Board of Trustees who have had faith in me and belief in the work of the House

to the band of volunteers who do so much – much of which is unseen

to the Prayer Community and others who constantly hold the work of the House in prayer

to all those who use the House and value what it stands for….

to those who have supported me and given me encouragement along the way – you know who you are!

Thank you, Jane and Debbie, for organising the Thanksgiving Service and the delicious tea, Leslie for you very kind words. Thank you for a wonderful send off and for a hugely generous farewell gift, for your messages and prayers, encouragement and support.

I will certainly continue to pray for the work of the House and I will be an occasional ‘user’ and I have already started recommending Epiphany both as a venue and a spiritual haven!!

Thank you all.

Ukraine Play Box Appeal

Ukraine Play Box Appeal
Play Action International’s Ukraine Playbox Appeal

Play Action International believe play is the best way to help children recover from trauma. You can help give Ukrainian refugee children the gift of play by supporting their Play Box Appeal. Here’s how you can help…

Step one: Head over to the Play Action International website where you can learn all about the appeal. At the bottom of the page select the ‘Make Your Own Play Box’ link.

Step two: Read the toy guide Play Action International have put together and start filling your play box with toys & play materials ready to donate to a child. Find an empty medium sized shoe box. You can gift wrap the box if you want. Just remember to wrap the box and lid separately as Play Action International will need to manually check each box. Fill your box with a variety of toys and play materials. The Play Box Guide has all the info you need to pack your box, including what can be included and an age guide. Secure the lid of your box with string or a strong elastic band. Then put the finished box in a parcel bag or plastic bag taped up to protect it. When you’re done, go to the bottom of the page and select the Make a £5 Donation’ option to support the costs of the appeal.

Step three: Enter your details and make your donation. After you click ‘Complete My Donation’ you’ll receive a unique link to the Collect+ delivered by Yodel Ukraine Play Box Appeal page. Click ‘Ship Your Play Box with Yodel’ 

Step four: Once you’re on the Collect+ delivered by Yodel website using the link, you can print your label (either at home or in-store completely free of charge). Simply select either option on the page, attach the label to your play box and drop if off at any of the thousands of Collect+ delivered by Yodel stores in the UK. Yodel will collect your play box from your drop off location and deliver it to Play Action International. You’ll be able to track your parcel as usual.

More about the Play Box Appeal:

More than 3.7 million people – mostly women and children – have now fled their homes in Ukraine due to Russia’s unprovoked war. Most have sought refuge in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova and Romania and in the coming weeks, the UK expects to host up to 200,000 Ukrainian refugees.

UNICEF estimates more than 1.5 million children are among those who have fled abroad. These children have been ripped from their everyday lives. Families have been separated. Mothers and children continue to flee on foot and by rail. Let’s make no mistake, the trauma these children are experiencing will have lifelong consequences.

Play is a powerful yet simple way for trauma affected children to process their experiences, express their thoughts and feelings and reduce stress. Play Action International’s Ukraine Play Box Appeal, aims to give boxes of toys and play materials to as many of the estimated 90,000 Ukrainian children who are expected to arrive in the UK over the coming weeks, as well as to Ukrainian children seeking refuge in Eastern Europe. By offering Ukraine’s children boxes of toys and play materials, together we can begin to give them a sense of their childhood back. Visit the Play Action International website to find out more.




Thursday 9 June 5.30pm to sunset

At Epiphany House, Kenwyn Church Road, Truro TR1 3DR

If you are a host family or Ukrainian guest, please join us for a relaxed, informal meet-up and picnic supper at Epiphany House, Truro.

Bring a sharing plate of finger food, sandwiches, cakes or snacks and join others to share experiences and make new connections. There will be games, drinks, music and a chance for quiet reflection.

There is no need to pre-book.

Приєднуйтесь до нас, ласкаво просимо.

There will be a walking group from Truro Methodist Church, Union Place, Truro leaving to Epiphany House at 5.15pm.