Spiritual Direction or Accompaniment

This is an ancient ministry which is about taking time to meet with an experienced person to talk about one’s spiritual journey and prayer. Aelred of Rievaulx, a twelfth century English Cistercian monk, defines this role beautifully: 'what happiness, what security, what joy to have someone to whom you dare speak on terms of equality as to another self; one to whom you can unblushingly make known what progress you have made in the spiritual life; one to whom you can entrust all the secrets of your heart and before whom you can place all your plans.'

People seek this ministry at different times in their lives and for various reasons. It can be a way:

Spiritual Direction or Accompaniment provides a 'sacred space' into which we can bring anything or nothing, in which we will be listened to without judgement or agenda, in which we are totally accepted, in which all that is said is entirely confidential.

The relationship is different in each case, as we are all different and have different needs. You can discuss your deepest thoughts and fears, about anything, aware the conversation is safe between you, God and your companion.

You may wish to incorporate a session of spiritual direction if you are visiting the house on a personal retreat. Some of our spiritual directors are also available for longer-term, regular spiritual direction. Please contact us for more details: bookings@epiphanyhouse.co.uk.

The Epiphany Network

Epiphany house has close links with the 'Epiphany Network' which has been set up in order to provide a contact route for people looking for spiritual accompaniment in Cornwall.

The Epiphany Network seeks to:

If you would like further information please email the Epiphany Network at: epiphanynetworkcornwall@gmail.com. If email is not possible, please ring Hilary Spong (member of the Epiphany Network) on: 01726 883315.